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01/18/2019 - 08:30 am Spiegel x2 Phoenix [Silent World] 9
Time: 8:30 AM
Price: $85.00 per person

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THE SPIEGEL GROVE, LSD 32 (50′-135′).

The world famous Spiegel Grove was sunk June 10, 2002 amidst a media fanfare the like of which Key Largo may never see again. While trying to sink the 510′ vessel in a controlled manner in order to have it sit upright on the bottom, she flipped upside down with her stern on the bottom and her bow still afloat. There was just enough time for the workers who were trying to finalize the sinking preparations to get off the ship. The Key Largo community came together and funded a marine salvage company to pull the vessel on it’s side where it remained for two years until miraculously, hurricane Dennis late in 2005 pushed it into an upright position. There are now schools of baitfish, barracudas, jacks and many huge goliath grouper on the wreck. Although not a dive for beginners, mainly due to potential current, there is plenty to see in the 60-70 foot range. The ship is so massive, you could do dozens of dives on it without seeing the same things twice.



Please note that this is a deep dive and requires divers to have:

  • a minimum of "Advanced Open Water" (i.e. 100fsw/60msw)
  • STRONGLY recommended - nitrox and deep
  • from a recognized agency, e.g. IANTD, TDI, CMAS, BSAC, PADI

Open Water Divers - can dive this site when booked with a Silent World Instructor/Guide

Divers are also required to have:

  • Dive computer
  • Safety Sausage (/DSMB)
  • equipment is available for rental from us